Winter Reads 2024

Adults, are you ready to challenge yourselves to read this winter? Sign up now to participate in the library’s self-paced Adult Winter Reading Program, which runs through Saturday, March 16.

It’s okay to sign up any time, even as late as early March, if you don’t get to the library until then. The books you read count toward the program beginning the day you sign up; the earlier you register, the more weeks you have to meet the goals.

When you sign up, you’ll get a free book bag (while supplies last) and a reading log to keep track of the books you read. You can read fiction or nonfiction, old or new, library books or your own, print, e-books, or audiobooks – it’s all your choice!

Once you have read and rated three books, bring your reading log back to the library so that you can choose a small prize. If you read three more by March 16, bring it back in to choose an additional prize. The program can’t be repeated this year once completed.

Prize choices this year are mugs, booklights, pizza cutters, extra-large candy bars, notepads, and can coolers. The range of options will be available while supplies last.

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